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We are obliged in connecting our clients to trading platform.
You deposit money to your binary real money trading account through us.
We deposit your binary account immediately.

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Commission Rates On Deposits -4%

Commission Rates On Withdrawals -4%

Why Choose Us

Fast and Reliable

As soon as you deposit money to your binaryaccount through us, we immidiately depositthe money to your account. We are reliable 24/7 around the clock.

Track your payments

You can easily track every single transaction that you have made with us. We always keep a record of our clients transactions for future reference.

Send money via skrill

You can deposit money with us irregardless of your geograpghical location, either abroad or here in Kenya by the use of Skrill method


Transaction with us are always secure. We aim at protecting our clients money from unethical hackers. Our main aim is to keep you happy. Be a 100% sure your transactions are safe.

Low commision charges

We charge a little commision of -4% on deposits and -4% on withdrwal as compared to other payment agents.


We are a 100% accurate with all the transaction done with us. We deposit your money the moment you have requested for a withdrawal We aim at maintaining good customer relation.

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